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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:12 pm    Post subject: Baasha Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Mp4

Baasha Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Mp4

Auto-rickshaw driver Manickam (Rajnikant) is a do-gooder who avoids violence at all costs. Manickam romances rich kid Nagma, whose father is a criminal, and knows a dirty secret about his would-be son-in-law. Manickam's brother, a righteous police officer gets into trouble with the local goons, triggering a set of events that revive Manickam's old self.
An auto driver, Manikam, desperately tries to hide his dark underworld side to keep his promise to his father.
One of the best gangster movies i have ever seen! Didn't think an Indian regional tamil movie would be so good...rate the movie UP THERE! Rajni's style and acting in this movie is one of the reason why this was a success! The acting of the villain Raghuvaran was fantastic! Directed very is also superb...even though the background music sometimes is a rip off from "The Terminator" its done very well by the music director Deva. The whole Autorickshaw driver who was a big Don in Bombay is a fantastic story so the heart of the movie is the story.The slick way this movie has been taken is excellent.Rajni always does something special for each movie he does like say something or a movement like a sign or symbol and in this one he does one of his most famous styles..

Watch it for Rajni's greatest movie!
Someone should change the sypnosis.. this movie is not at all a remake of Hum. i read the plot line in wikipedia and its not even close to the plot of Baasha.. Baasha is an original movie starring Rajini and this is one of his biggest hits ever.

Anyways.. i would recommend all of you to watch this movie if you guys just heard of him after watching Endhiran.. this is a great gangster-mob movie.. its about a person trying to lead a normal life ever since his dad died because of his rivals when he was a mobster.. but karma bites back when he had to fight to save his sister and his brother questioned him about his past when all the baddies that he fought were in life- threatening condition... this is a really great movie even though it was made in the 90.. please watch this movie and let the word out about this great film


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